Welcome to The Thoughtful Rants! 

Hello guys! 

A big welcome and a thank you for viewing this post from The Thoughtful Rants! ☺ ☺ ☺ 

Basically, I’m a writer who writes online articles and a blogger where I’m currently blogging about the review of stories in Wattpad. And in addition to that, I started an Instagram account where I post images of my self composed quotes on it under the same name(@the_thoughtful_rants). So in addition to the insta account, I wanted to start a blog where I can also post those quotes and some extra titbits and poetry and stories and what all ranting I wanna just get it out. 

You can expect like 10 quotes a single day or just a quote in a week, because these are my innee rantings, getting out of my system. But I promise you that, all these rantings will be very relatable,  simple and interesting to get you hooked up on my blog, hopefully! 

An advance thank you to all my followers and people who are going to support me in my writing! ☺ 

14 thoughts on “Welcome to The Thoughtful Rants! 

  1. Hi ! How you doin ? ( does that in joey’s voice ) . Now that I’ve already found out you’re a F.R.I.E.N.D.S freak , that had to come x)
    Anyway all the best with your blog. It was nice meeting you here . Have an awesome day ahead !!! Tight hugs xx

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