Not So Anonymous Anymore

‘Anonymous’ – the word that holds a world of secrets than a cryptic dome.

Like some of you, I felt comfortable being anonymous. Don’t take me wrong. I am not someone who hides in a cocoon inside her own room. I am part of many social media accounts and I don’t shy from being active in them.I chose to be anonymous – in Instagram. Not my personal account where I am quite active, but the other account I opened as a sort of blog to pen my feelings and thoughts that randomly crop up in my mind in the most unexpected times.

I have an another blog in WordPress where I write reviews of stories on Wattpad, in my own identity.

So why did I choose to be anonymous in this?

Because it made me feel safe. 

It was the first time I am opening up my feelings and having it out on display for the world to see. I did not want to own my feelings and thoughts – to give a credible source to it.

For many such reasons that seems silly to me now, I decided to ‘not’ identify myself, or more like, I did not want to connect the feelings and thoughts on the blog to myself.

And that Instagram handle is what you see in the right hand side of my blog!

What made me switch from ‘being anonymous’ to ‘connecting my identity to my feelings’?


I got fed up of hiding under a pseudonym and angry on myself to be such a coward in social media, while I’m just the opposite of that in my real life.

I wanted to come out of my comfortable zone, and own up to what I deserve, good or bad.

And that moment changed something within me. Though I was brave in my real life, when it comes to my writings, I became the most shy person! I didn’t want the people closest to me to read my writings. But this small step made me to be move forward in that direction.

I am still not 100% comfortable. but I am certainly working towards it and have come a long way to be here till now.

P.S: That Instagram handle’s name is ‘The Thoughtful Rants‘, same like this blog. This blog was started when I revealed my identity in my Instagram handle.

And now that all my readers and followers know who I am, what is need to keep the name ‘The Thoughtful Rants’, which was created for the sole reason of anonymity?

So what do you think? Should I forfeit the blog name and instead take another step forward and use my own identity? 

Please comment your opinions.

An advance thank you to all!


16 thoughts on “Not So Anonymous Anymore

  1. The only difference between being anonymous and known is, the words speak in the former and the writer speaks in the latter. If its rants, that come out of affectations ‘known’ would work. Just a suggestion! Cheers

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  2. I understand the desire for anonymity and, if anything, I’ve gone the other way using a slightly different version of my name in my blogs, instagram and all my published books and articles worldwide. I think anonymous or not your blog is good the way it is. No need to change!

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  3. it would be just as easy to connect your followers from here to your other blog. They see the best of both worlds. I’m anonymous as well., well as anonymous as you can be. Post a link to your other blog so people can follow both if they want to.

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  4. Hmm. Do what makes you comfortable. I’m anonymous for different reasons, but post under my own name when I need to on facebook. My private thoughts are all out there for the world to see, if they can spell my pen name. Merging your profiles is a brave step. Congratulations on whatever you chose!

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