I Found My Love – Writing 

Life is full of surprises and we often surprise ourselves when faced with challenging situations. I was put in one such situation and my decision surprised and terrified me. It was the excitement  filled terror that took over me! 

I’m planning to leave to full time job as an Engineer to do something that I love the most – to write! 

Yes! I’m leaving my high paid job in a global multi million dollar group to pursue my passion. 

When I think about it, writing has always been a part of life. Time and again, I go back to writing. But, due to the ‘mainstream’ path that the Indian society considers, my dreams of becoming a writer was buried. 

I kept it just as hobby, something to go back to at the end of the day. 

But what happens when those nights of writing excites you more? 

What if you catch yourself dreaming about sentences and content during your day job? 

What do you do when all you want to badly do is write an article on that fresh thought you got, immediately, like right now in middle of the day job? 

It’s when you realize that enough is enough. I am going to take this decision. 

I have found my love. 

Though it scares me and sometimes pains me physically to think about all the obstacles I have to face, I’m ready to give it a try because that’s how badly I want it. I really believe that my passion will win at the end and I’m ready to do all it takes. 

P.S: I’m now seeking any freelance or full-time assignments or jobs as a content writer or editor. To see my samples, check out the link – my writings. If you need any freelance articles or come to know of any opportunities please do contact me at lakshmipadmanaban05@gmail.com 

Thank you all for your support! ☺ 

25 thoughts on “I Found My Love – Writing 

  1. Good luck with the new career move! I made the same decision over five years ago and have never regretted it! That said, be ready to find trying to earn a living from writing hard, hard work. It’s an ever upward hill struggle and you’re very unlikely to be well off! But as I say, I’ve never regretted it and I love my work. Every day is bliss for me! Best wishes to you!

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  2. This was beautiful! I’m glad you decided to follow your passion. Not many are bold enough to do so, but I’m glad you are able
    follow your dreams.

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  3. This post was so refreshing! I have had a similar experience recently, having decided I want to pursue a writing career. It is really encouraging reading about someone else’s journey towards being a writer! Thank you for this!

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    1. Thank you. I’m sure you will. Once you recognize what you want to be, and have the strength to pursue, you definitely can. And yeah, in our country, before we could search for our passion, we will be pushed into something else.


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