The Day Of The Jackal – A Riveting Read 

My friend gifted me this book – The Day Of The Jackal by Frederick Forsyth – on my birthday, considering the fact that I love fiction and he wants me to gravitate more towards non-fiction. So he kind of found a common base in between with this book.

Anyways, I was sceptical at first. An imaginary story set in an almost realistic background about a planned assassination of the President of France? Well, it look me a few months to give the book the go.

And boy, was I proved wrong! Initially, I felt the story progressing a bit slow for my taste, but once the base was set, it was so interesting that I was reading it in every possible free time I could manage.

(Pardon for the worn out book picture; the results of carrying it around everywhere I went) 

The story is about an Englishman who is hired by OAS to assassinate the then President of France, General De Gaulle. It progresses to elaborate his planning and the part on the France to protect its President. 

An interesting part of this book is that, the author reveals the end of the story much earlier in the book. It was actually a great risk but it was worth it to read till the last even though I already how it was going to end.

A little digging about the author, Frederick Forsyth, revealed that he had been working as a journalist in the France during that period and from what he had learnt from the bits and pieces he had heard and the knowledge he had gained, he created a fictional tale surrounded by realistic events.

The language of the book and the way it makes the readers hooked in suspense even when they already knew how it is going to end, is a great feat in itself! The plot is well thought of with the details proving that author’s extensive insight and utter brilliance of the parallel story that was carried on side-by-side.

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone who loves a good mystery novel or a historical novel, as it has the ability to satisfy a wide variety of readers.

If you have already read the book or just want to share your opinion on my review, share it in the comments.

Happy readin until the next review! 

20 thoughts on “The Day Of The Jackal – A Riveting Read 

  1. Hi Lakshmi,
    This is an oldie but a goodie! Actually, there are two movie versions: the first by the same name, which is dated (but then so is the book). The second was called simply “Jackal” and starred Bruce Willis and Richard Gere. This second was a “loose” revision.

    But the original was definitely a ground-breaker and a career maker for Forsyth.


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  2. I read this book years ago because the phrase “The Day of the Jackal” had been used in a joke around our house and I became curious. Definitely an interesting story. I became more and more caught up in the behavior of The Jackal and how cold and calculating he was. I have often remembered it since, thinking it a far better than average description of the mind of a cold blooded killer.

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    1. That’s a happy good reason to read it. Yes, I too became engrossed in his thoughts at random times after reading the book, recalling his brilliance and meticulousness in carrying out every single detail. And secretly saying, there were some parts where I really wanted him to succeed! 😜

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