You don’t like to settle for

Are you tired of:

✸ mediocre content?

✸ marginal conversions?

✸ moderate revenue?

You want content that gets noticed.

content that converts.

content that brings revenue.

Delivered to you in a single package tied with a ribbon!

Hi! I’m Lakshmi Padmanaban.

The Copywriter You Need to Connect with Your Audience.

Do you realize that the only thing standing between you and your audience is the content?

Take websites, landing pages, social media, newsletters, promotional emails, case studies and whitepapers. In every such medium, all you got is one shot to make an impression, keep them interested and create an element of intrigue. When the content doesn’t make an impact, you’re out of the game before you even realize it. But, if the content is interesting and attention-grabbing, you have got yourself one more conversion!

Let me tell you something many never think of. Every single interaction of yours to the outside world is through the fingers of the writer. So, it’s up to you to make an investment and hire a worthwhile copywriter—someone who can strike that chord with your audience.

I help businesses with amazing online copy that draws in prospects and seals the deal with leads.

I can help you with…

Website Copy

Your website represents your business. It’s the face of your brand, something on which people will judge. Are you having a hard time figuring out what you need? Let me help you decide the website structure, landing pages and the content you need.

Promotional Emails

Be honest. How many promotional emails have you opened and actually read? If you don’t want your emails to go unread like most others, you need a catchy, click-worthy headline and an equally compelling content to do the trick. This is where I come in.


Don’t take the blogs lightly. It’s the proof of your brand’s expertise! Well, then this isn’t something you want to compromise on, do you? I’ll help you figure out a blog schedule, choose the best topics to blog about and keep them coming your way regularly.

Apart from these, I also offer other services for writing press releases, social media posts, case studies, landing pages, ebooks and whitepapers.

Want to hire me?

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I try to reply to messages as soon as I can. You can expect my reply within 18 hours.