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Website Content

The Bull, a boutique hotel in Pondicherry – Created rich and elegant content for the entire website that synchronizes with the mood of the hotel.

AllAuthor, a book promotional website for authors – Created new website content for some web pages and rewritten the content in the remaining web pages.

Nex, a software development company – Involved in revamping the website content with SEO-optimized attractive content that increases the leads from the entire contents of the Homepage and About page to the major Services pages like Big Data, Software Development and Technology pages like Java, ASP.Net, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

ElixirH2O, an Automatic Water Generator (AWG) – created the content for the single page website simplifying the complex technical details into easy-to-understand words.

Logicsofts, web development and digital marketing company – created the landing page for SEO leads that hooks the readers and help in conversion.

2:45 Tech, a technological development services company – Created the service pages for G Suite, Backoffice Systems and E-commerce development services like Magneto, WooCommerce, Shopify and BigCommerce.

Nex Mobility, a mobile application development company – Created the entire website content for the website from the Homepage to the Services including some noteworthy pages like Android application development, Android app developers, iOS application development, iPhone and iPad app development, and enterprise mobile solutions.

Femme’s Collections, an online shopping website in Australia – Created content for the Homepage and for many product pages like Knitwear, Cardigans, Coats & Jackets and many more.

SuperCheap Removalists, a packing and moving services company at Australia – Created the complete content for the Homepage that makes attracts the visitors.

CBD Movers Brisbane – Created content for the Homepage that is click-worthy.

Blog Posts

Blogs related to promotions for authors and books on AllAuthor: Lakshmi Padmanaban – Author Page on AllAuthor

A Simple Guide for Cold Mail Outreach in 2019

Why a Business Website is Important for  Successful Venture – Logicsofts

Importance of Social Media Performance Tracking

How Facebook Is a Great Place for E-Commerce


Want to Earn More? Stop Looking for New Clients and Increase Your Rates! – Initium

Top 10 Project Management Software For Small Businesses – Mark Up Trend

The Art of Subtle Marketing for Freelancers – Initium

Press Releases

Calculate your Moving Cost Within Seconds with Move My Stuff’s Removalist Cost Calculator

Calendar Printing 4u Celebrates 10 Years of Success and Innovation

CBD Movers Announces Lucrative Interstate Moving Packages in Adelaide

Super Cheap Interstate Removals Announce the Cheapest Relocation Packages for Interstate Moving

Introducing the All-New Website of Move My Stuff Interstate Australia

CBD Movers Brisbane Awarded ‘Word of the Mouth’ Service Award for the Second Consecutive Time in 2018

Case Studies

How We Successfully Increased Our Email Open Rates from 8% to 52%

Increased Leads of BASIC by 39%

12x Increase in The Conversion Rate

Increasing The Organic Traffic

Cryptocurrencies Articles

What if bitcoin is legalized in India? – Cryptotalks

10 exchanges to trade cryptocurrencies in India – Cryptotalks

General Articles

A Women’s Day Letter To The Affectionate Stranger – Youth Ki Awaaz

10 beautiful Mehendi designs to adorn the back of your hand – WedAmor

Wedding on the cards? – Guide to best traditional wear – UCNews

Nihilists – The non-believers

7 things unmarried women in their 30’s are forced to hear

19 Things Only People Who Wear Glasses Can Understand

Opinionated articles

The woman you blame of ‘overreacting’ is speaking up after years of suppression – Youth Ki Awaaz

Studies.Work.Marriage.Family. Is it really necessary to be in that order for women? – Women’s Web

#unfairandlovely – the much necessary jolt to wake up

When my brother gifted me a pepper spray for my birthday – Women’s Web

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