Website Copy Writing

I write unique, attractive content for landing pages as well as an entire website with SEO. I have worked on many website contents for established ones & new startups in the domains of:

  • IT (SaaS, IT service providers and tech product companies)
  • Data Analytics & Management
  • Lifestyle (think relationships & healthy living)
  • Digital service providers (think digital marketing companies, IT service providers, etc.)
  • DTC brands (especially e-commerce)

Blog Writing

Blog posts are crucial to a website which offers something to the readers in return for traffic, information, exposure to services, or spread a word about a product. I have been writing blog posts since the beginning of my career and I can create informative, convincing blog posts which match the tone and purpose of the website.

Email Copywriting

Emails are one of the powerful mediums to quickly convert your leads to customers. I write promotional emails for specific occasions as well as email sequences for new campaigns and new businesses — wherein you can just automate the email sequences based on the subscriber responses and create a short yet powerful conversion funnel.

I also extend my services to writing landing page copy that’s included as a CTA in the emails. So you have an almost-complete conversion funnel created and ready for your leads.

Press Releases

Require a professional press release to send out to media publications?

I’ve got you covered. I write press releases of about 400-600 words packed about new announcement with subtle CTAs leading back to your website.

Content Revision

There may be contents in which you might like the idea behind it, the gist of it, but not so much as the exact content itself or the way it was presented. I will make the content interesting by using the central idea of the piece and the main points mentioned, keeping in mind the main intent of the content.

Or, there are times when your blogs get outdated and you need someone with experience in the domain to update them with current stats, remove the old anecdotes and include more relevant examples. I have worked on many blog revision projects where I overhaul a huge bulk of blogs and make them current.

Content Editing

Editing a piece or content is necessary to polish and smoothen out any errors, awkward mentions and to verify facts. I have edited articles, website content, technical documents, blog posts, promotional messages, social media content and many more. I will be able to produce an error-free piece without altering the tone of the writer, all the while trying to make it as close to perfection as possible.

Book Editing

I have edited fiction novels in the past and I can edit a book as per the requirements: heavy, medium or light editing.

Want to read some samples? Check out my Online Portfolio.

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