How Can Copywriters Land Projects Even During These Challenging Times

Previously published on The Book Mechanic

The other day, I was conversing with a writer friend on LinkedIn and he said, “Things are going to get even more difficult for writers from now on.” And I couldn’t disagree more!

Don’t take me wrong. I too have seen several posts by copywriters from all around the world talking about getting laid-off by employers and losing clients every week.

I get that things are worse right now for writers. I really do. But the frustrating part is that the opportunities are still abundant. If only we know where to look!

When online promotions are the only way and when every company on the face of the earth is online, businesses are in dire need of a copywriter to help them get noticed.

Here are a few copywriting services that companies definitely need in these hard times.

1. Persuasive emails

Just take a look at your inbox. Isn’t it overflowing with promotional emails?

If you notice, ever since the pandemic put a hold on the normal operations, businesses have been sending emails more than ever! I’m getting emails from companies I have never heard from before. And those who were sending one or two emails per month are sending weekly emails now.

Who do you think are writing these emails?

Yes, copywriters!

These copywriters knew how to approach the right company to offer their services for writing email copy!

Since the number of emails that a person receives has increased, businesses are concerned about sending compelling emails that stand out. If you ever had any experience of writing such attention-grabbing emails, then this is your best chance!

Companies need amazing copywriters now to write click-worthy emails that directly increase conversions.

Don’t wait for them to approach you. Do it from your side. There are two strategies to try.

  • Send out emails (persuasive and compelling ones, because that’s what your job will be!) to small-scale and medium-scale companies that previously didn’t send many emails.

These companies probably don’t have a copywriter to write their emails right now. Or, the current copywriter may not have the bandwidth to double or triple the workload all of a sudden. And it’s time to grab that opportunity.

  • Look through your inbox. Do you see any emails that need work? If you find any grammatical or spelling errors in an email, it’s your lucky day!

Pitch to the appropriate person pointing out the errors politely and show them how much better this email can be. If they are impressed, you may get hired!

Even if they can’t hire you, it’s fine. At the very least, you have impressed them; they have your email address and may reach out in the future.

2. Interactive social media posts

If there is one way to get the world talking about you, it’s social media.

As most people are staying indoors, brands are using social media to stay connected now. You can see several innovative, quirky, and engaging social media posts of the brands trending on Twitter and Instagram.

Those funny, subtly-taking-a-jab-at-the-competitor social media posts that also doubles as a brand promotion?

Well, those are written by copywriters, obviously!

Right now, the posts will these traits are the ideal package — sensitive in consideration to the present fragile state of the public, funny to avoid the somber tone and filled with great promotional value. If you can write such posts, there are so many brands out there desperately looking for you!

The best way to approach such brands is through their social media manager. Some startups and small-size businesses may be outsourcing social media management. Even if that’s the case, it’s vital that someone in the company, maybe a marketing lead, should like your posts.

So, send out an email or a social media message to the appropriate person in the organization with some previous samples of posts you have written. If you want to nail this chance and have some free time on your hand, write up a tweet or Instagram post (whichever is the social media platform they are active on) for that company and include it in your message. If they like it, you may get hired on the spot!

3. Informative blogs and articles

Even when other forms of content like videos and infographics have become popular, a lot of us still have a soft spot for informative blogs and articles. In the wake of the pandemic, some businesses have paused updating their blogs. On the other hand, some are rigorously working to create informative blogs, case studies, and whitepapers that act as testimonials.

Just last month, I recently started writing blogs and case studies for a SaaS company that previously didn’t pay much attention to these sections. Why now, you ask?

Well, these are companies that thrive on in-person marketing. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they have no option but to switch to online marketing and that includes a good number of blogs.

There is always some way a copywriter can add value through blogs. You can start by approaching your old customers. You must have heard this idea a thousand times. But, here’s an added hook. Send out an email with some ideas for blogs that they can’t say no to. Because, right now, companies are watching every dime they spend. You need to give them a concrete reason to spend money on blogs.

You can use the same strategy to land new clients. But before you send out a random email, look at their blog section. If they are still regularly posting blogs, then they wouldn’t need your services now. Target companies that have few blogs or irregular blog schedules. Send in your pitch with a few blog topics or ideas customized to their business.

It’s essential to spend your energy on the right companies. So, choose a narrow domain and repurpose the same golden ideas for all the companies. This way, you don’t have to come up with tens of ideas for different companies.

If you recently lost many clients or fired from your job, don’t lose heart. There is still so much you can do to earn a decent income.

Let me tell you this one more time.

Companies need copywriters now.

The only form of communication for companies with the outside world is through emails, websites, and social media platforms. And when every single business is ‘shouting’ online now, they need a smart writer who understands their customers to convey their message. Identify those companies who can pay because there is so much out there. Go beyond job boards and make the first move. You may even increase your income this year!

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